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Single Layer Large Pink Gerbera Wreath

$ 37,99

Gerbera Pink: 41 pieces



Gerbera Pink: 41 pieces

Just as happiness increases with sharing, sadness also decreases with sharing. You can decorate the happy days of your loved ones with this elegant wreath or show your support on their sad days.

The most graceful and largest of the genus of chrysanthemums, the pink gerbera is among the most preferred flowers for special occasions.
The pink gerbera flower signifies love and friendship.
Set up in a one-story podium and complete with greenery, this wreath is the type of wreath you can choose for a wedding, opening, or celebration.
Product Content: 41 Pink Gerbera
Product Dimensions: Approx 2m tall
Note: Flowers in the arrangement may be in different colors and sizes depending on stock availability. Additionally, some flowers may be sent closed and unopened due to seasonal conditions.