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Pink daisy and red roses in a conical vase

$ 25,00

Red Rose: 6 pieces
Minnie Rosa Phusia: 12 pieces
daisy floral : 20 pieces



Red Rose: 6 pieces
Minnie Rosa Phusia: 12 pieces
daisy Flowers: 20 pieces
of the rare and delicate flowers that had made up the songs for its beauty over the years, culminating hair harmonious for girls, used as a kind of beautiful necklaces, flowers daisies with pink color show newer forms of love . How about sending that special arrangement of pink tulips that embodies love, tenderness and elegance, red roses that are a symbol of love, and finally, pink roses that look enchanting with their beauty, for the delight of your loved ones, who are special to you and your love always continues as on the first day. ? If your answer is yes, you can immediately place an order on Tulipa, take advantage of fast shipping, and experience this special feeling to delight your loved ones.

In order to keep your flowers, warming you with their appearance, alive longer in the vase; They should be placed in a bright place but not in direct contact with the sun, replace the water with fresh water every day, and clean the leaves and thorns on the branches, if any.