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Custom Love Letters Initials for Raspberry and Rose Cake (Available only in Istanbul)

$ 30,00



(The product is only available in Istanbul)

Ivory rose cake: 10 pieces
Berry flavored rose cake: 48 pieces
Blueberry rose cake (new): 32 pieces
Ivory white rose cake (new): 11 pieces

Good news for those who love the taste of pink! You wrote the name of your love in your memory, you wrote it on your heart, you wrote it on a box full of roses, but that wasn’t enough, was it? Custom Pink Raspberry Cake Bouquet, Love Initials, engraving the initials of your loved one with 11 white ivory covered pink raspberry cakes in the center of 32 raspberry cakes. Probably one of the most mentioned names for happy days with this romantic and delicious surprise. Create a delicious surprise for your loved ones with Raspberry Rose Cake Bouquet, the initial message of love.

Raspberry Rose Cake (new): 32 pieces
Ivory White Rose Cake (new): 11 pieces

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