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Venti Cornet Series – 21 Imported Pink Roses Bouquet

$ 53,82



Venti Cornet Series – 21 Pieces Imported Pink Rose Bouquet is specially designed for you to express your great love for him without saying anything. The design is fitted with 21 pink roses in a 48 x 48 cm cornice.

about care;
* Fill the vase 3/4 full with water at room temperature.
* Clean the leaves on the flower stalk and cut them 1-1.5 cm wide.
* Fill the decreasing water every day until it reaches the same level.

Note: When changing the vase for cut flowers, the vase to be moved should be filled with clean water.
Note 2: It is necessary to clean the leaves on the parts of the flower that enter the water. Thus, you will get rid of the bacterial smell that will occur.
Note 3: You should keep your flowers tidy in a cool place (especially at night). Keeping it away from heat sources will extend the life of the flower.