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Love bouquet from Van Gogh

$ 35,79



Sunflower – Medium:
4pcs Craspedia: 6pcs
Product Name: Honest Love Bouquet
Product Contents: Sunflower 4pcs, 6pcs Yellow Craspedia, 2pcs Eucalyptus Line

A special package for that special person who makes you the happiest person in the world with love every moment and every second; Hearty love bouquet. This distinctive bouquet made up of sunflowers, nicknamed the sunflower, evokes love, the warmth of summer, the sun, beauty, sincerity, and symbolizes that you will love it forever, like a sunflower that follows the sun with great love. With Heartfelt Love Bouquet, you can create a warm smile on the face of your loved one and make them the happiest person in the world. Also, do not forget to add a few words about your feelings to your order, it will make your gift even more special.

Note: Some flowers may be sent in a bouquet closed and unopened due to seasonal conditions. The closed flowers bloom open within one to two days at room temperature.